Professional Mobile Drug Testing Brownwood Services

Professional mobile drug testing Brownwood services ensure that your work or sporting environment is safe. Such a practice has been credited for increased productivity, minimized absenteeism, loss of property and work related accidents. Such a practice has helped boost productivity for individuals and the entire organization. A safe working or sporting environment is associated with excellence.

Effort is required in identifying the best service provider among the many available in the market. Several years in the industry means that the person knows all that is required to give reliable results. Encounters with challenging cases means that such a person can reliably interpret results with a higher degree of clarity. Different scenarios will not be a challenge for the expert.

Your results will only be credible and helpful when delivered by an industry professional. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your choice of service provider has necessary licenses and permits. This should cover the firm as well as personnel engaged. Some of this information is found in federal and state offices and websites for regulators.

Credible results are only possible if the firm possesses necessary testing equipment. This shows their readiness and ability to offer reliable and comprehensive results. They should possess capability to detect concealed evidence and use it in determination. They result presentation must stand the test of international standards.

There are different test geared towards achieving results depending on what is being probed. The decision to take a rapid test, multi panel test, probation or saliva test lies with the expert. This will highly determine the nature of evidence gathered. The strength of evidence gathered lies in making the right decision.

Variety is necessitated by the need avoid exposing some of the people to allergic substances. This makes the workers or subjects comfortable since they understand the importance of the exercise. It should not be carried out in a way that inconveniences others by making them feel uncomfortable. Using a number of tests allows you to confirm the results obtained in the other samples.

It is a requirement that every organization institute a relevant policy if they are at risk. Consultants with years of experience in the sector will give you a customized policy that bears to mind your unique situation. You will benefit from their understanding of testing dynamics. This will be factored through construction of a watertight policy that makes your organization a better working or sporting place.

It is necessary to work with a laboratory that is reputed for producing reliable results. Background checks before engaging any service provide will be assisted by asking for referrals. Reviews and recommendations from people who have used their services will also assist you in making the decision on the best provider.

Mobile drug testing Brownwood laboratories offer contractual packages with reasonable charges. You also should request customized seminars and insights on how to avoid drugs in the industry and the danger associated with such indulgence. This will have a significant impact on your productivity both at individual and organization level. Whichever company you engage should be ready to defend its results in any forum.
By Adela Beasley

Beauty and Your Mouth

Your mouth does a lot: singing, smiling, kissing, speaking, laughing... Unfortunately, all these activities take a toll over the years.

The first place many women start to see wrinkles and lines is around their mouth. Just like on the rest of the face, the skin in this area folds and bends as we use it. Sunblock, visors and hats help, however the lower portion of the face usually still suffers greater damage from the sun. Put these factors together and eventually you get wrinkles.

Unfortunately, when people look at us, their eyes focus on two things: our eyes and mouth. Wrinkles can appear worse when wearing colourful lipstick, because it attracts more attention to the mouth. Most people find that the changes radiate from the mouth toward the cheeks and chin, and as collagen is lost, the jawline becomes soft and saggy.

It's not all awful news though. Luckily, there are solutions.

In days of old, there were fewer methods to address aging skin near the lips. Surgical procedures like face lifts do not fix flaws in skin near the lips, and even when done properly, there is a sharp contrast to the otherwise tight facial skin. Aggressive lip pursing can be treated with Botox in small amounts, however it won't fix those deep wrinkles and lines.

As we age, our rate of collagen production slows. Unfortunately, given accumulated years of sun and environmental damage, our rate of collagen breakdown rapidly increases. This is what eventually causes wrinkles and loose skin. Over time, we do lose volume in our lips. Basic skin care includes hydration and proper nutrition, keeping out of the sun, using omega-3 supplements and getting plenty of antioxidants. Thankfully, just a small amount of filler improves the skin's contour, while smoothing wrinkles.

Science suggests that a woman's perceived age may be influenced as much by the volume of her lips as by the amount of wrinkles she has. The volume in your lips starts to decline as early as in the mid-30s. The question often asked by patients is, "How can you create a natural-looking, full lip without overdoing it?"

Many women are worried about getting "duck lips" or "platypus lips". We've all seen it and no one wants this look! But, if the injector is experienced, natural lips can be created by adding filler in increments.

Sometimes, it is hard to know where your limit is. Only so much can be done with small lips.

Filling the lips is not the only consideration. One must look at the lips in relation to the entire face. Not every technician is able to do this in an artful way, and not everyone comprehends facial anatomy. It is vital to find an injector with experience and artistic talent.By Devon Monache.

More Information About Chiropractor In Centralia WA

The job of a reliable Chiropractor in Centralia WA is to enhance the connection between the operational and the general make up of the human body. Chiropractic professionals focus more on the nerves, skeleton and muscular systems, and their effects on the performance of the body. Understanding their roles, how to select the right professional, treatment solutions and other details is very important, below are some tips to help you through the process.

Neck, muscle, and back pain are some of the main reasons why many people look for chiropractic health care. The above problems are mainly caused by, strains, accidents and muscle injuries. It is important to note that this practice is does not involve surgical procedures. The practice is the best alternative to medical care, which involves use of drugs and surgery.

Today there are many chiropractic professionals available. This means that you need to be very careful while making a choice. You need to make sure that the expert is a specialist in the kind of treatment that you need. This is an assurance that you will receive the best treatment. The different treatment techniques used include neurovascular technique, chiropractic vector point, cranial, Thompson and many more.

Some of the injury related problems need more that one technique to ensure that the problem is permanently solved . The benefits associated with this method of treatment have made it very popular among many people. The chiropractic professionals go further than just offering treatment by offering guidelines on healthy living through the various therapies and exercise available.

It is important to have strategy on how to handle a problem. This helps to ensure that the identification and management of the problem is correct. One of the best ways of locating a professional is through recommendations from your doctor. It is also important that you seek for referrals from family members and friends. After getting, the recommendations there are things that you need to look at critically.

It is important to consider his or her credentials . Ensure that the professional has the experience needed to offer better treatment. Techniques used during treatment are also something to look at. A license is necessary have document and ensure that the professional operates a modern clinic.

Going online is the bets and the easiest way of locating a professional doctor. Many of these professionals have websites where you can read more about their services. You will be able to know the different conditions that they are able to deal with and other important information. Make a call and book for an appointment with a few of them. This will give you an opportunity to express yourself and the problem you are having. The information will help you to know who among the many has the best solution to your problem. Look for a professional within your locality to make the therapy session easily accessible.

Visiting a Chiropractor in Centralia WA is the best way of dealing with back problems. In addition, it is a healthy way of living. According to studies, this practice is very effective and does not pose any danger to your life.By Flossie Gibbs.

What You Should Know About Diet Plans

As you've probably noticed, there are many different diet plans to choose from. When choosing a diet system, understand that one may work better than the other. Stopping early and not giving a diet program an honest try is why most people fail to lose weight. If you want any diet program to work, failing to follow the exact instructions that they provide may lead you to failure. So if you're looking for a diet plan that can work for you, here are some tips and strategies you can follow.

A lot of experts advocate a vegetarian diet, claiming it to be the ultimate food regime. There are many variations of this, of course, ranging from a basic vegetarian diet where you simply avoid meat to a vegan diet where you stop consuming any animal products at all, including eggs and dairy. Numerous examinations indicate that vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease and some cancers. While you should beware of eating an overabundance of carbs, also be sure to eat plenty of protein. A balanced diet is the key to a successful diet experience; you can make this happen with a balanced vegetarian diet and by implementing the nutrients required.

Many people who go on a diet focus many on reducing fat. When choosing a low fat weight loss program, you need to be aware that some fat is still required, along with a balanced diet. Rather than avoiding fat altogether, the best approach is to stick as much as possible to healthy fats, which you can find in many oils such as olive oil, flaxseed and fish oils. Nuts and legumes offer healthy fats as well. The saturated fats that are not a healthy product and should be eaten as little as possible, their ingested when eating animal products or trans fats.

There are many fad diets, such as the Cookie Diet, the Ice Cream Diet and others with catchy names. These techniques reach out and grab you because they sound tasty, but the portion which you are allowed is quite small and unsatisfying, while the rest of the diet is restrictive. These diets should be approached with caution, as you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need if the recommended number of calories per day is too low. The cookies you are offered in these diets most often are not as fulfilling as you might think, usually on the small side and not very gratifying. The ability to "cheat" on your diet can be a very rewarding thing, if you pick an ordinary, sensible diet you will have a little more room to do this.

To diet properly, you must eat healthy foods, and maintain an exercise regimen in order to reach your goals. This article has only presented a tiny amount of information on the topic of losing weight. By approaching this with the mindset you will lose the weight you desire to, you will succeed. So set your goals, and no matter what weight loss program you are on, be committed 100%.By Wilson Resturbee.

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What You Need to Know About Pineapple and Weight Loss

Natural health is the best way to lose weight and feel good about yourself at the same time. Let's face it : 
we all need to lose weight at some point in our lives.As it is very alkaline in nature, it can stop the production of acid in stomach. While many people often take extra vitamin C or drink extra orange juices when they have a cold, few consider eating pineapple over an orange. 
So in that respect - pineapple may be considered a natural defense against cellulite. The most important positive aspect of it is that more and more studies are confirming that less carbs and more natural fat equals better health.Bromelain is an enzyme which is 100% natural. It is found in certain exotic fruits, particularly in pineapples.

The cooking process destroys these naturally-occurring enzymes, forcing the pancreas to produce more internal digestive enzymes. Aim to have at least one completely raw meal each day, or eat a raw salad with a cooked meal twice a day.Besides using it for weight loss, Pineapple contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells. Thus, it helps us achieve a clear and glowing complexion. It contains the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to aid digestion. Pineapple reduces blood-clotting and could also help to remove plaque from arterial walls.

Simple carbohydrates are also known as "sugars.".Some simple carbohydrates are good to eat such as whole, fresh fruits. Other simple carbohydrates should be avoided while on a weight-loss program. The fruit is a rich source of manganese, which is required by your body to strengthen bones and tissues. If you have just one cup of pineapple everyday, you can fulfill 73% of your body's requirement for this mineral.Certain fruits and vegetables contain beneficial vitamins and enzymes and are converted to quick energy.
 Cooked fruit promotes an acid condition in the body, and thus becomes an acid-forming food. Do not confuse acid foods with acid-forming foods because they are not one and the same. Fruit juices don't have the fiber of whole fruits. Fiber will keep you feeling full longer.

Revealed - Why Pineapple Helps With Your Weight Loss

Just one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of these can affect the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening of bones in older people. I am eating 1200 cals per day as recommended but I am also walking with jogging interspersed for about 1-2 hours a day. Looking at other websites regarding calories burnt during this sort of exercise, it works out about just short of 700 per day.

In fact, many weight loss programs strongly recommend having pineapple diet to their clients. Since there is a strong correlation between overweight and hypertension, pineapple diet serves for both the cases. You also get a decent amount of copper and thiamin, plus more than a third of your recommended vitamin C needs.Natural health is the best way to lose weight and feel good about yourself at the same time. Let's face it: we all need to lose weight at some point in our lives.As it is very alkaline in nature, it can stop the production of acid in stomach.

Bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory with analgesic properties, encourages healing, promotes well-being and has many other health benefits. Bromelain is very effective in treating bruises, sprains and strains by reducing swelling, tenderness and pain. So if you are searching for a natural way to enhance your body's healing mechanisms, promote overall good health and tantalize your taste buds, pineapples to slim up are is the way to go. Choose the fresh fruit because it has the most healing properties. Bromelain is an enzyme which is 100% natural. It is found in certain exotic fruits, particularly in pineapples.

Author: Gregory

Ways In Which You Can Have Arthritis Pain Relief Without Using Pills

If you are a person suffering from arthritis, then you are aware how painful the joints can be. Luckily there are doctors who can recommend or prescribe some medications which can help you to find arthritis pain relief from swelling, stiffness, and joint pains for you top be relieved from osteoarthritis, the doctor might suggest for you a pain reliever bought over the counter. These ache relievers include nonsteroidal anti inflammation and acetaminophen. Some of the painkillers which may also be prescribed for include ibuprofen, corticosteroid which can be injected in the joints or taken by mouth.

There are very many people today suffering from arthritis. Almost everybody in this condition is longing to know how this aching can be stopped. Not every drug prescribed for you can work for you. If the drug you have been prescribed for does not work, there are some which can be prescribed for you.

Acetaminophen might not be very effective in some people; the reason being, it does not treat inflammation but the ache. The key component in this joint problem is inflammation. When the pain persists and this drug does not help, you might be prescribed for acetaminophen containing opiods like codeine.

In cases where you cannot access a pool, some alternative things which you can do. These include riding a bicycle or walking around for short distances. This is a better exercise which will help in keeping your joints moving. Moving around will stop your joints from locking up this works just the same way the engine of a car is kept running by oil.

However this process of giving your pet this pill could not be easy. Thanks to the commercial providers who have formulated this aspirin into a pill which is beef flavored. This has really made the job easier because the pet may think that it is taking beef while it is just a drug.

Another drug which can also be taken for relief is COX-2 inhibitors. It is a good medicine but can cause intestinal bleeding or stomach upsets. These side effects are not as severe as those of NSAIDS. There are some cases in which this drug could cause heart problems in some people.

To relieve inflammation, you can take prednisone. It works well in relieving that ache brought about by the bone disorder. This drug can be injected in the part which is inflamated or even taken orally. They too have their side effects. They include thinning of the skin, weight gain high sugar levels. If they are taken in high doses the rate in which your heart is beating can change.

Some of the things which may make you laugh is telling or listening to stories, radios or watching television. This should not only be a slight but a deep belly laugh. Another therapy which could also be used is the massage therapy. There are some people who say that it works very well. So you should tell your therapist the parts which are hurting you most before he begins the therapy sessions. These are better ways of arthritis pain relief.By Janelle Burnett


Services Provided By Mental Health Professionals In Florida

For some people life can become a bit confusing and stressful where they find nothing to enjoy. They need some sort of professional help or therapy to get themselves out of such situation. A person who suffers from emotional distress might need help of a therapist. There are many good mental health professionals in Florida that can help you in this regards.

Although there is not one particular sign of such type of illness but while observing the signs one can identify if the other person is a sufferer or not. A common symptom is that you remain unable to participate in daily life activities because your emotional pattern doesn't allow you to do so. A healthy life is full of daily responsibilities but you remain unable to do so because of your mental capacity.

You should consider to take professional help if you feel angry, sad, depressed or fearful of something in an excessive way. The anxiety level increases to such an extent that you stop enjoying special moments that come into your life. Instead you start to worry about even small little things that don't even matter normally.

People who suffer from such in capacities often do not realize what they are going through. But it is easy to observe their behaviour and conclude what they are suffering from. A professional person can easily identify these symptoms and can help such individual to lead a normal life whilst coping with their emotions.

But the good thing is that almost all sort of psychological conditions can be treated to a certain extent. Some of them are completely curable while other type of illnesses do require lot of medical attention for a long period of time. Problems like binge drinking, drug addictions, unhealthy eating habits, mood swings and harmful thoughts are all related to mental health problems.

For those who think about harming others or themselves is not healthy at all and such manner should not be taken lightly. People who seek help are able to find some type of cure for their illness and they can live a healthy life because of that. It is your responsibility to look for proper therapy or medication if you know that your loved one is suffering.

In situations when you start to take refuge in unhealthy habits like drinking or using drugs it means you are experiencing intense emotions that you cannot control all by yourself. Moreover an individual tends to run away and tries to avoid facing the harsh realities of life. If such problems hinder your daily activities you need to find appropriate solution for your problem. It is important to find a cure for your disease because otherwise you may get affected by long-term psychiatric issues.

There are some good mental health professionals in Florida who can help you to deal with your emotional issues and other stress related worries. There is cure for everything it all depends on an individual's personal capacity as well as the type of procedure that is used to cure that illness. You can lead a normal healthy life even if you suffer from disorders like stress, anxiety or clinical depression.By Janelle Burnett

What You Need To Know About Weight Reduction Surgery

The popularity of weight reduction surgery as a treatment for severe obesity has considerably grown in the recent years. Where diet and exercise fail, the procedure can come in as a literally lifesaving tool. The operation can also be referred to as bariatric surgery and can be very useful in helping patients resolve the many obesity related health problems. However, just like in any such procedure, there are both benefits and risks that patients need to be aware of before making a decision.

Bariatric surgery seeks to mainly resolve problems experienced by patients due to obesity. Because losing weight after the operation may not be that automatic, commitment to lifestyle changes by patients is required. Additionally, support from friends, family, support groups and healthcare experts are also very critical. The procedure, which is usually a last resort after other traditional ways have failed, has saved the lives of many patients worldwide.

The main goal of bariatric operation is to reduce the risk of illnesses and even death associated with obesity. Gastric bypass is reported to have high success rate with patients losing around 61% of excessive fats after the procedure. The operation is performed by incision in the abdomen or laparoscopically through the use of smaller incisions and instruments. The health expert one chooses should discuss with and disclose to them all the options available.

After bariatric surgery, most patients, approximately 60%, are able to stop medication and as many as 80% report improvement in high blood pressure. Many patients also experience sudden ease in their diabetic control, especially those with Type 2 diabetes. In fact, 77% are able to stop their medications.

Still, bariatric operations have also helped people suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea to the point that they need less or no medicine at all. 65% to 95% of sleep apnea patients who undergo the procedure have the problem resolved. This goes a long in helping improve the quality of their lives and reduce the risk of developing additional health complications.

An operation to reduce weight reduction is a life-altering event. Patients considering the operation should first understand what it involves. It is a major operation and so as much as there are benefits, there are also potential risks involved apart from the long stay in hospital. In abdominal surgeries like bariatric there exist the risks of excessive bleeding, infection through incision, bowel blockage, adverse reactions to anesthesia etc.

Restrictive and malabsorptive procedures also carry with them the risk of malnutrition. This results from the lack of absorption of iron and calcium because food bypasses the duodenum and the jejunum. Menstruating women can also subject themselves to the risk of developing anemia should they chose to undergo the procedure as not enough vitamin B12 is absorbed. These malnutrition problems can be resolved through taking some supplements.

Ulcers of the stomach and small intestines, though considered minor risks, are also other problems that may be caused by a weight reduction surgery. Diarrhea, palpitations, sweating, lightheadedness and cramps due to dumping syndrome are also reported by some patients who have undergone the operation. Any center performing the operation should be well equipped.By Cherry Mercer

Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Permanent Weight Loss Remedy

Apple cider can be used in many ways such as for hair care, healing, weight loss and etc. Apple cider is fermented whole apples; it should not be distilled, filtered or pasteurized. These processing steps may destroy the health benefits and nutrients that it contains.

This healthy item has extra acid and vitamins to provide great results for health benefits. One popular way it is used is for a weight loss remedy which was investigated in Vermont by Dr. D. C. Jarvis, M.D., call for the taking of one or two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water before each meal.

Though it does not provide you with fast weight loss, it does help you to naturally lose weight over a period of time. No one really knows how apple cider quite works. It is believed that the enzymes, nutrients and organic acids decreases appetite, acting like an appetite suppressant by increasing your metabolism, reducing water retention and restoring your well being.

How much weight can you lose?
Apple cider vinegar can also lower blood sugar in diabetics. If taken with your meal it is known to reduce insulin during the process of digesting a meal leading to weight loss. This weight loss remedy is a slow method to losing extra pounds. Dr. Jarvis says that a woman that weighs 210lbs can weigh 180 in a 2 year time frame. An individual can lose 15 pounds a year, but take in mind that slow weight loss is best. This is permanent weight loss, it's safe and natural.

Cider vinegar will increase your natural potassium when used over a period of time. Bananas, potatoes and milk are other ways to obtain the potassium your body needs. For those who have high blood pressure taking apple cider is great if you need that extra nourishment.

Healthy weight loss also includes eating the right foods. Switch to low-fat low-calorie and low salt meals. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet and back away from refined foods. A healthy diet involves plenty of water; staying hydrated with h20 and avoid the sugary and high calorie beverages as much as possible.

Exercise gives you quicker results create a workout plan and stick with it. Working out strengthens your muscles, improves your health, skin and well-being.

Fiber is a great appetite suppressant, so add it to your water, juices and foods. You can also take an oral fiber supplement if you prefer. To eat less, consume a slice of whole-grain bread or a small salad before or during your meal. Try subtracting meat portions and replace it with more greens and veggies. If you want to lose pounds you have to have willpower and dedication.

Be healthy and love your body, take care of it. When you nourish yourself you will have longevity, stamina and wealth because of good health.Healthier and Lighter Colon Cleanse,2012's Best Weight Loss Pills

The Various Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

Fibromyalgia is a disease that primarily involves the musculoskeletal system. The main symptoms include pain (generalised), sleep disorders and disturbances in mood and memory. The main problem has been identified to be an abnormally lowered pain threshold. Pain stimuli are greatly amplified by the brain. Precipitating factors include surgery, psychological stress, infections and physical trauma. Fibromyalgia treatment seeks to alleviate these symptoms.

The exact cause of the condition remains unknown. There are a number of risk factors, however, that have been identified through research. Genetic factors are believed to play a significant role. The disorder runs in families and a number of genetic mutations have been found in susceptible individuals. Some infections are also thought to trigger the development of the disorder as do physical and emotional traumatic episodes. Gender is also a risk factor as the disorder is more common in women than men.

If the patients are experiencing only mild symptoms, they may respond to NSAIDS. Ibuprofen, naproxen, paracetamol and diclofenac are all effective in relieving pain. If the symptoms fail to respond to treatment with these drugs, stronger analgesic agents may be used. Opioids such as morphine and meperidine are good choices as are codeine and tramadol. Tramadol should be used cautiously as it may cause side effects such as diarrhoea, fatigue and withdrawal symptoms.

A number of antidepressants are also effective. These antidepressants help in increasing the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain. They include, among others, dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. Research shows that low levels of neurotransmitters may play a role in the lowering of the threshold for pain. Increasing their amount, therefore, helps reduce the pain. The commonly used antidepressants include amitriptyline, duloxetine and fluoxetine.

Another group of drugs that acts on the brain to relive symptoms includes the anticonvulsants. These drugs lower the amount of neurotransmitters but have a similar clinical effect to that of antidepressants in spite of opposing mechanisms of action. Pregabalin is one of such drugs. It decreases the amount of glutamate and therefore effectively reduces pain perception. Some of its side effects are weight gain, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, dizziness, blurred vision and constipation.

Apart from pharmacological drugs, there is a role for psychological intervention. Since most of the affected individuals have also been found to suffer from depression, cognitive-behavioural therapy may be used to relive a number of the associated symptoms. Patients are able to diver their attention from negative thoughts that may precipitate the condition and to remain positive. It is also common for drugs to be administered alongside these treatments.

While pain is the main condition, there are many other associated symptoms that have to be treated. Commonly associated symptoms include endometriosis, depression, fatigue, sleep disturbances, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome among others. Each of these symptoms may require the consult of a specialist who will recommend the most effective form of management.

Patients with fibromyalgia require psychological counselling as they have to live with this condition for a long time. They need to remain positive so that responsive to treatment is improved and their quality of life is also improved. They need to know that while there is no definitive treatment, symptoms may subside with time. An encouraging development in fibromyalgia treatment is the fact that there is hope for better and more effective therapies in future.By Janelle Burnett

Some Tips on Eating Good Fats and Avoiding Bad Fats

During the last few months I have run into many people who do not really appreciate dietary fats, the differences among fats, or the benefits of eating healthy fats. I put together this brief article to help inform people on the advantages of good fats and offer some advice on cutting bad fats from their diets.

Healthy fats encompass monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and essential fatty acids (EFAs). Foods packed with good fat include certain fish (salmon, tuna), extra virgin olive oil and fish oils, raw nuts and natural nut butters, and seeds (flax, chai, etc.), and avocados. healthy fats provide quite a few health pluses which include reducing the potential for cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, plus several other maladies; enhancing cerebral function; lowering amounts of high cholesterol coupled with supporting healthy amounts of low cholesterol; helping the absorption of important nutrients and also boosting weight loss.

Meals with large quantities of saturated fat or TFAs (trans-fatty acids - better known as trans-fat) are viewed as unhealthy fats. Usually they are food items with high amounts of partially hydrogenated oil (trans-fat) or animal fat. Foods that are thought of as bad fat should be consumed in extreme moderation. This includes fatty cuts of meat, full fat dairy products, meals made in animal fat (e.g. Lard) and many desserts. Desserts tend to be bad as they blend copious amounts of unhealthy fat with plenty of refined carbs. Eating foods rich in high levels of unhealthy fats can and frequently will lead to health concerns. This includes rising quantities of bad cholesterol, increased potential for heart related illnesses, cancers, and strokes; becoming obese and poor energy levels which may have an impact on work productivity.

There are plenty of approaches to lower the amount of bad fat in your diet. I'll reveal a handful of methods that have helped me:

Eat at home - cooking your meals at home is just about the simplest (and most affordable) solution to maintain a healthy diet.

Stay away from full fat dairy products - Light milk, cheese, cream, etc. work equally well.

Pick up leaner cuts of meat.

Get imaginative when cooking - Use non-fat cooking spray as opposed to oil or butter.

Avoid desserts - moderate your consumption of desserts or try healthier alternatives.

I have been attempting to live a healthy lifestyle for a few years now and I have learned numerous things along the way. One of those things is the role good fat plays in reducing excess body fat. It may appear counter-intuitive but it takes fat to shed fat. When the human body doesn't get a frequent supply of "new" fat from our daily diet, it starts to keep unwanted fat that we're spending so much time to trying to shed. Our body continues to cling on to these fat repositories till we include good fat into our daily diets. This continual flow of fat tells our body that it's receiving adequate amounts of fat from our diet regimen and doesn't really need to hang on to our existing fat stores.

Consuming the daily value of good fats helps you keep a well-balanced diet and everybody should really work on making healthy fats a staple in their diet regime. This should actually be uncomplicated considering that good fats are both healthy and delicious. An individual helping each day can keep the body working properly and also enables us to reap the benefits of eating healthy fat.By Rob Manning

How Salt Affects a Healthy Weight Loss Program

In our efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and either lose weight or maintain it, we normally focus our efforts on getting plenty of exercise, taking vitamins and supplements, and eating a healthy diet. While these factors are very important to a healthy weight loss program, many believe that too much sodium or salt could hinder weight loss efforts or cause weight gain. Exactly what causes people to gain weight or lose weight?

In order to lose weight permanently and in a healthy manner, we must burn more fat calories than we eat. This is a very simple yet very important definition since there are various other things we often do that cause us to lose or gain weight that are neither effective nor permanent. Permanent, effective weight loss only occurs when fat is reduced and a diet that's high in sodium will not aid with fat reduction.

A diet that's high in sodium or salt causes water retention. When you retain water you will gain weight, but it's this weight gain is not permanent. On the other hand, when you lower your sodium intake, temporary weight loss is possible. Keep in mind that this weight loss is temporary since you have lost only water weight.

High sodium diets should be avoided since they are bad for you. Not because of the temporary weight gain you may experience, but because of the effects it has on your cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system, and blood pressure. Generally, consuming too much sodium isn't good for your health. The general rule is that people should consume no more than 2400 mg of sodium each day, but the average American consumes in excess of 3500 mg daily.

For the sake of your health, take the time to read labels and limit the amount of sodium you consume to less than 2400 mg daily. If you were to reduce your sodium intake to less than 1800 mg daily you would likely lose several pounds rather quickly. The human body requires just 400-800 mg of sodium per day for operate optimally.

You should get used to reading labels and paying attention to the fat, calories, sodium, and sugar content in foods you eat. You should avoid using table salt, instant foods, sport drinks, Soy Sauce, MDG, and many canned foods. Canned soup is normally has a high sodium content. While these foods are known to have high sodium contents, you should check all labels carefully.

You can often offset some of the negative effects of eating a high sodium diet be adding additional potassium. However, it is best to reduce the amount of sodium you consume while adding potassium to your diet.
We need to understand that our health is our most valuable commodity. We can maintain our health while losing weight by burning more fat than we consume. You can burn extra fat with regular exercise and nutritious vitamin supplements. By eating a diet that is low fat and including high fiber foods like 100% whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts you will be setting yourself up for permanent weight loss success.

One other thing you can do to offset some of the effects of a high sodium diet is to add more potassium which will offset some of the negative effects. It is best to reduce your consumption of sodium while you add more potassium to your diet. This will lead to a healthy, long life and you being the best that you can be.

Don't waste your time and money. If you want to lose weight fast, we have reviewed several successful diet plans for quick weight by: Ricardo_D_Argence

Cellulite Solutions - 4 Ways to Beat Orange Peel Skin

An effective cellulite remedy is something most women struggle to find. With over 90% of us affected, it is the bane of our lives. So it's no surprise that new treatment options are constantly popping up. From the traditional, to the high tech, to just plain weird. If you are looking for cellulite solutions that work, here are 4 ways you can beat orange peel skin.

Herbal Supplements 
Herbal supplements were introduced in the 1990's as over the counter products for treating cellulite, and are designed to heal your body from the inside out. The key ingredients in these pills contain a blend of herbal extracts such as bladderwrack, sweet clover, grapeseed and gingko biloba. It is believed that taking supplements can reduce fluid buildup, improve circulation, stimulate fat metabolism, protect tissues and reduce localized fat.

Endermologie was developed in the 1980's as a method for treating the scars of burn victims. However, it quickly gained popularity when patients began to notice improvements in their cellulite. The first of cellulite solutions approved by the FDA, endermologie is a non surgical procedure which uses dual action rollers to suction and redistribute the skin to smooth away dimpling. The massaging motion leaves skin looking smoother and more even in appearance.

Applying a cream or lotion might be the easiest and inexpensive of all treatments. These concoctions are designed to target fat accumulation and toxins beneath the skin. With a myriad of lotions and potions on the market, finding a good cream will take some research. Look for creams that contain ingredients such as caffeine, retinol and aminophylline, as these will help re-texturize, shape and firm the skin.

Body Wraps 
All body wraps typically work the same, whether they be done at the spa or from home. Cellulite wraps help soothe the skin, improve circulation and remove toxins. The wrap itself, will either be made from seaweed or natural linen sheets soaked in a mixture of herbs and minerals. Essential oils and sea salts may also be added. During the process, the whole body or only a particular area may be wrapped.

In a perfect world, we would be one of the 10% of women lucky enough to have dimple-free skin. But of course, that is not the case. Well, the good news is at least we no longer have to struggle. With these cellulite solutions, we'll be on our way to smooth skin in no time!

Did you find this article helpful? The truth is, nothing really works unless you combine it with diet and exercise. This is because they are the 2 most powerful weapons in the fight against orange peel skin. Truly the best of all cellulite solutions. For more information on how to get rid of dimpled skin, take a look at this comprehensive cellulite guide and get ready to say bye to cottage cheese thighs! by : Suzanna_Du

Basic Facts Of Oolong Tea You Should Know

I guess you have heard oolong tea before, from your good friend, TV show or newspaper, and you might somehow know that oolong tea may benefit your state of health, but you're not that positive about it. So, for everybody new at all to oolong, this article is for your needs.

What Is Oolong Tea?

Tea is getting a great deal of traction nowadays beyond China, especially in western nations. It includes 3 main different types: green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. And oolong tea is really unique, which is actually semi-fermented tea.Having said that, you might ask what is semi-fermented tea? Given that the manufacturing approach is quite sophisticated, I'd like to put in a way that you'll be able to understand very easily (I will discuss much more information later below):

You must try green tea before, which is well liked internationally, perfect for weight-loss. The green tea will never be fermented at all, which implies when the tea leaves are reaped, they are roasted at once, keeping the chemicals of tea the way it is.

The black tea is actually quite the contrary, totally fermented, which means that chemical changes have taken place for an extended period, then the fundamental compounds have been changed into another form, so the taste of black tea is totally different to green tea. But, the oolong tea doesn't go that far. It's always somewhere between green tea and black tea, obtaining highly distinct flavors and a few some other health benefits.

Etymology for Oolong Tea

This Chinese tea was actually originally known as Beiyuan Tea, which was a tribute tea. What was a tribute tea? It was a specific tea given to royals or an emperor, like a tribute to them.In fact, Beiyuan is a place within the north area of Fujian province (home of oolong tea). Then the tea farmers of An-xi county, south part of Fujian, considerably improved the typical tea making techniques, for that reason the Beiyuan Tea was developed into a whole new category. It is known that the name of first person who accidentally obtained this specific tea producing skill was pronounced as "oolong", and so in order to memorize him, this later popular tea was termed as "oolong tea".

In several other places, oolong tea just happens to be interpreted as "Wu long", precisely the same pronunciation, nevertheless need to explain here as it befuddles a lot of people. The main reason for the different spelling is because of 2 distinctive transliteration methods: the Wades Giles method gives us Oolong, as well as the Chinese Pinyin system gives us Wu long. But occasionally(rarely), oolong tea has some other names, for example, brown tea(named after its color) and rock tea(some types of superior quality oolong tea actually grow on the rocks/cliffs).

So, when you read here, you might get the idea of oolong tea now. But I am not going to stop here. Like I said, I'll try to uncover the manufacturing process, which can be more interesting and educational, allowing you to understand this tea far more deeply. So, bear with me.

Producing Routine In Depth

This quite complex producing approach has 7 key steps.

1. The Withering Step - Leaves are spread out, typically under the sun, with the purpose of removing wetness, softening the leaf cell wall and starting the natural enzymatic fermentation.

2. The Turning Over Step - Specifically designed systems are widely used to break down the leaves, increasing oxidation and allowing the chemical factors, within the stems, to blend with the leaves. This step contributes a lot towards the balance of quality in the finished product.

3. The Oxidization Step - The leaves are now given time to rest as all-natural fermentation process proceeds on. In this step, leaves will alter coloring, usually into darker green mainly because the cell structure further breaks down. And now the tea is increasing an intensive flavor.

4. The Kill Green Step - This step will stop the natural fermentation process while allowing the leaves unchanged.

5. The Rolling Step - To improve the entire amazing flavor and give shape to the leaves, cold or hot rollers (sometimes both) are employed to break down the leaves.

6. The Drying Step - Techniques including hot air, sun or pan drying are utilized at this point. The flavor and fragrance are further increased, although the step also serves the purpose of avoiding the growth of mildew and eliminating any grassy taste that remains.

7. The Firing Step - At last, to provide the needed smoky flavor the leaves will be roasted.

Places Where Oolong Tea Grows

Oolong tea grows primarily in northern Fujian Province, southern Fujian Province (the perfect place manufacturing one of the best oolong, i.e. An-xi county), Canton and Taiwan. The 4 primary places yield the most of oolong tea in China, if not in the world.

More than that, oolong tea has been found transplanted outside of China, which includes Thailand and India.

How Will You Benefit From Taking Oolong Tea?

You may be bored with water (just like me), perhaps you are tired with green tea (like me before tired of water) or other different kinds of tea, perhaps your friend informed you that oolong tea could be very beneficial to your well-being because of the excessive poly-phenol antioxidant properties; even so you may still have concerns in mind, that's OK.

You don't have to push yourself, you can just click on the hyperlinks at the bottom of the post, go straight to the topic which ever makes you wonder if you need to give oolong tea a shot or not. Right now, I'll just list the benefits here.

-Skyrocket Weight Reduction

-Deal with the Signs of Growing older

-Minimize Possibility of Heart Disease

-Avoid Most cancers

-Control Diabetes

-Minimize Emotional stress

-Minimize Pain

-Lower Bad cholesterol

By David Xiaottout

How Sugar Impacts Weight Loss

We are fatter than we've ever been. The United States is facing an epidemic with respect to the level of obesity in our country. Based on data from the National Centre for Health Statistics, 34% of American adults over the age of 20 are obese (2007-2008). Today, the average American consumes approximately 180 pounds of sugar annually compared to the 1800's when that number was only about 18 pounds a year. It's pretty scary to think where we are, but it's even scarier to think what this will mean for the future if we don't get educated on the dangers of this potent provision.

Over the years I've come to understand that sugar is the most misunderstood food item we consume. Most of the struggles we encounter in trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle have to do with this misconception about sugar. Most people associate sugar with highly sweet food products. Donuts, ice cream, candy bars and chocolate chip cookies are obvious examples of food products that contain sugar, but what if I told you that your body doesn't know the difference between that donut you had for breakfast or the baked potato you had with dinner. In fact, whether you consume a couple slices of whole wheat bread, a bowl of pasta or a chocolate bar your body breaks it down to the exact same substance. Sugar can take many forms in the food we eat (sucrose, fructose, and maltose to name a few), but through our body's digestion and absorption process it all breaks down to the same thing...glucose. Glucose is the simplest form of sugar and it's what our body needs to ensure we receive the energy we require to go about our day.

 Glucose is an important nutrient when it comes to fueling our bodies, but once your body has processed all the sugar it needs to function it stores the extra as fat. By eating a balanced diet from natural sources such as meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy you are getting more than enough of the glucose your body needs to function at its best. It's important to realize that your body has a limited capacity to store excess sugar after it converts to glucose, but it can easily convert it into excess body fat.

When starting a healthy weight loss diet, the major challenge in controlling our sugar intake today is that excess refined sugar is hiding in most pre-packaged foods on the market. Advertising labels on processed foods makes it difficult for the average consumer to know what they are actually buying. Messaging on food packages such as "fat-free" and "less than 200 calories" are misleading if you aren't aware of the dangers of sugar. Processed foods are loaded with sugar and other chemicals that work to prolong the shelf-life of the product and make it taste appealing after the manufacturer has removed most of the essential nutrients.

So how do you start to eliminate, or at the very least, reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming on a daily basis when deciding the best weight loss foods to eat?
It's really just about getting back to the basics. Getting away from packaged food products and frozen entrees and introducing real, whole foods back into your diet is the only way to be successful.

Now it's important to note that sugar is a drug and as with any drug if you have been consuming a lot of it over an extended period of time, your body has most likely become addicted to it. That being said, getting off sugar is not an easy feat. If it were, we could jump into just about any commercial diet plan on the market and see lasting weight loss results. But, if you've ever been on a diet you know that is simply not the case. If you think of sugar the same as nicotine, caffeine or dare I say even narcotics, you will be better equipped to understand this process will not happen overnight.

A good place to start is to try and eliminate something from your healthy weight loss diet that contains refined sugar about once a week and replace it with something natural, but enjoyable. For example, if you regularly eat frozen dinners, stop! Fresh or even frozen fish fillets are easy to prepare. There are tons of varieties to choose from so ask the guy behind the seafood counter to recommend something that's not too "fishy". Couple that with some fresh or frozen cooked veggies. If that's all you change for the next 3 months...congratulations! You've just cut about 3 inches from your waistline. How "sweet" is that! by : Naomi_Kinaschuk.

How Saunas Speed Up Weight Loss

As more people choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle, more options are becoming available to achieve a healthier and trim body. There are currently thousands of diet programs and products on the market that are supposed to help people lose weight. Unfortunately, most of these products do not yield positive results when it comes to weight loss. However, there are methods of losing weight that have been successful. One of these methods is the use of saunas.

When used properly and in moderation, infrared saunas can help speed up weight loss. Part of the difficulties in losing weight is the accumulations of toxins, bacteria, and other chemicals in the body. These substances accumulate as a result of the toxins in our environment, air, foods, and products we are exposed to. Saunas are an effective way to eliminate toxic build up in the body and allow for weight loss. The heat and steam from saunas cause one to perspire which promotes the release of harmful foreign substances from the body. In essence, our body undergoes detoxification whereby the substances that are slowing the weight loss are eliminated allowing for the proper reduction of fat, as well as the burning of more calories.

The heat from saunas also helps to increase circulation and metabolism which plays an important in burning fat and calories. Toxins and heavy metals are stored in the fatty tissues of the body. These substances prevent weight loss. When the toxins are removed from the tissue losing weight becomes easier. The heat and steam penetrates the body which stimulate the fat cells to release the substances. Sweating helps remove the toxins from the body. Healthy weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water-soluble, dissolves, and then enters the bloodstream to be removed from the body.

Saunas will cause one to lose water weight at first. When one drinks water for replenishing the body, the water will flush out the toxins from the body that includes the skin and liver. You will regain the water that you lost, but you will not regain the calories you burned while in the sauna.

Saunas help speed up one's metabolism which leads to weight loss. An increase in metabolism will allow food to be converted to energy faster so there will be much less energy stored in the fat tissues causing weight gain. An increase in blood circulation resulting from a sauna also helps with weight loss. An increase in blood flow allows for an increase in converting fat to carbohydrates resulting in more calories being burned.
Perspiring is a sauna also burns calories by raising the heart rate. The heart pumps faster in the sauna which an increase in blood circulation. The increase in the heart rate results in more calories being burned.

Studies have shown that the average person contains hundreds of harmful chemicals in the body. Not only can these chemicals cause a number of serious illnesses, but they can make it difficult to lose weight. Saunas are a great weight to increase one's health and well being, lose weight, and relax.

As sauna helps one relax, infrared therapy [] helps to remove toxins, allowing one to feel refreshed. Infrared heat therapy [] is also effective for improving one's immune system and skin by: Amy_Nutt

Disadvantages of Being Overweight

Being overweight can ruin your life. There are many people in this world who are just fed up of their overweight. This may make you look ugly. Overweight mostly occurs due to deposition of fat inside your body. People who like eating should take care what they are eating.

Some people may say that eating is good for health but they should be aware of the fact that eating healthy food is good and not the junk food. Fat and overweight people are not liked by anyone. They mostly have to live alone in this big world and are always neglected.

There is no advantage of being overweight but you have many disadvantages of being obsessed or fat. Some of these are as follows:
• You cannot eat freely.
• Your partner always has a hated feeling for you.
• You always face difficultly while having sex with your partner.
• You may have to face negative behavior of your friends and relatives.
• You will be neglected by all.

Being overweight is a punishment in itself. Having so many disadvantages, you will really find it hard to live with your overweight. Everyone wants to look smart and handsome. Overweight acts as a barrier in your success and stops you from taking part in any sports activities. Thus, it is always better to eat healthy and try to reduce your overweight so as to look good, smart and handsome.

Lose your Overweight - Just Control Your Eating Habits
It is always better to eat good and healthy food so as be fit. If you are looking for a perfect figure and want to lose your overweight then it is very essential to control your eating habits. It is often seen that people eat food which is liked by their tongue. You should be aware of the fact that most of these food items are unhealthy and are just fulfilling your hunger.

Junk food such as burger, pizzas and many more are much liked by teenagers today. All these stuffs are just fulfilling your desire of tasty food. Many people eat too much in taste which ultimately results in many stomach complications.

It is always better to control your eating habits so as to maintain a good figure. If you think you are eating too much then you can avoid doing so by drinking more and more water. This is one of the best ways of controlling your over eating habit. Water will provide energy and minerals to your body and will fulfill your hunger requirement.

Make proper eating schedule and follow it regularly so as keep yourself fit. You may have to face many problems in the beginning but make sure you don't disturb your eating routine. Sticking to proper diet and eating healthy food will help you to gain a good shape and reduce fat in your body. This will ultimately reduce your overweight and you will look by: Prav_Garg.

5 Ways to Motivate the Mind to Lose Fat Fast and Easy

The basic reasons why people falter in their fat loss plan is that they tend to experience some changes in their body, including aches and pain, dizziness, light-headedness, pain due to injuries during exercise or such related causes. Therefore, staying motivated is extremely important to lose fat.

Way#1: Bring Changes into Your Life.
If you want to keep your mind motivated to lose fat fast and easy, you must accept changes in your life. In order to bring in changes and accept it, you must first have the DESIRE to bring changes and get into a program. Secondly, you ought to have adequate knowledge about this program. You must choose an effective, safe and extremely convenient exercise plan. A well planned nutritional program needs to be laid out as well. Finally, you will have everything that is required if you can maintain this program throughout.

Way#2: Acknowledge the Factors that Affect the Success of Fat Loss Plan.
There are so many factors that can influence your fat loss program, of which probably losing tracks is the number one concern. There are times when you feel bored of a weight loss plan and just want to give it up. Starting from what and when you eat to how you exercise would affect your program. you will need a guide that takes you through different steps and courses to help you in losing weight fast.

Way#3: Think Positive, Be Optimistic.
Positive thinking is the best means of losing weight, when there are so many things that could pull you down. The fact is that most people fail to believe that they can actually lose weight and get back to their normal shape, because they have put on a lot of weight and it seems impossible to shed those pounds.

Way#4: Accept Your Responsibilities.
Try to accept your fat loss regime as your responsibility. Instead of wasting your time in thinking "But I could have done this" or "But I could have done that", you must emphasize completely on the fat loss plan without losing focus. Try to make ample time for your own self, as you would have to look at yourself to make sure that you stay motivated. Always be honest to yourself as well.

Way#5: Don't Feel Sorry for Yourself.
You should never feel sorry for yourself if you have failed on several occasions to lose fat. There is no such quickest way to lose weight, and feeling sorry is definitely not the answer. If you are not meeting your deadline, gear up and restart once by: Barrie_Wilkins

Health Hazards Of Obesity

Obesity, a worldwide phenomenon, today has surged to become one of the most deadly enemies of mankind, afflicting mostly the rich and the affluent. Obese in simple terms means excess body weight, usually in the absence of an underlying disease, except in a small number of cases where the condition originates from hormonal disturbances.

The terms overweight and obese are used synonymously by the commoner; however, there is some difference at the clinical level. A person can be considered overweight if his body weight is 10-19 per cent more than the normal or ideal body weight. However, when the body weight of a person is 20 per cent or more than his ideal body weight, he is considered obese. As we have seen previously, the ideal body weight for a person depends on his height, sex, age and body frame.

Thus, obesity is a condition of excess body weight and is usually the result of excess accumulation of fat in the body. When energy intake is persistently greater than energy expenditure, the result is gradual accumulation of fat deposits in the adipose tissue depots. Obesity does not happen in a day or a week. It is a gradual process taking place at snails pace when the individual constantly maintains a positive energy balance. A positive energy balance is usually the result of excessive energy intake.

High calorie and high fat foods pamper our taste buds to an extent that most individuals find it difficult to refrain from them in spite of being aware of their nutrient composition. The ignorant certainly cannot be blamed.

The other major culprit is modern urban life mechanisation and dependence on different tools has made life easy and increasingly sedentary. This has lead to the lowering of activity levels, of daily energy expenditure and thus of our total daily caloric needs. Increased calorie intake due to consumption of processed foods and decreased activity levels have together taken a toll, increasing the prevalence of obesity. Sometimes, of course obesity may also be the result of an interplay of hormones.

Obesity jeopardizes an individuals health in more ways than one. It imperils both body and mind of an obese individual. An obese individuals distorted body shape and appearance can be a source both of humiliation and discomfort. Many obese people complain of pain in the joints and may develop arthritis (osteoarthritis) because they have overburdened their knees and joints with their excess body weight. This is the most obvious health hazard that obesity invokes.

Obesity has been associated with a wide range of health problems. It contributes to increasing levels of lipids (fat) and cholesterol in the blood (hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia respectively), leading to narrowing of blood vessels due to deposition of fatty materials in coronary arteries (atherosclerosis). This in turn causes the blood pressure levels to soar (hypertension) and increases the risk of heart attack (myocardial infarction) and strokes.

Obesity increases the risk of diabetes because it increases insulin resistance leading to glucose intolerance. Weight reduction helps many diabetic patients in controlling their diabetes. Obesity can also lead to pregnancy related and surgical complications. 

Obese individuals are also more likely to develop cancer. Certain cancers such as cancers of the gall bladder, endometrium, ovary, breasts and cervix in women, and cancers of the colon and prostate in men have been associated with excess body weight.

Extreme obesity can also cause respiratory insufficiency (hypoventilation) and may even result in sudden death during sleep. Thus, because of its association with several diseases, obesity decreases life by : Kevin_Pederson

Massage Therapy: Relaxing Way to Effective Weight Loss

Who would not want to don revealing swimsuits at the beach? Most people love attention! However, if you have a problem with the bulge, you would think twice, right? This is primarily the reason why many weight loss pills and crash diets are peddled on the internet like candies; there is just high demand.

However, health professionals don't share this excitement. They want to caution people with underlying health problems to seek medical advice first before they commit to any weight loss program as the risk may be higher than they thought. If you want a safe, all-natural weight loss program that does not put your life on the line, get a massage!
That's not typo error. Massage therapy is the new buzz word for weight loss.

Yes, it is. However, massage therapy cannot work independently of exercise and a balanced diet. Unlike other weight loss programs that will suppress your appetite, massage therapy does not require you to skip meals, or wolf down diet pills to stay in shape.How Does it Work?

Massage Therapy offers good relaxation, which calms the mind and has therapeutic effect on the body. On top of this, a good massage delivers five benefits that are directly related to weight loss:
1. Gets rid of water weight. An adult human body is composed of water, averaging between 55 and 60%, depending on gender and age. Excess water compounds the body's water weight. To gain back your ideal weight, excess water should be eliminated from your body. Exercise does this; regular massage aids in the proper elimination of excess water from your system.

2. Kicks off metabolism. Massage Therapy increases blood flow throughout the body. This hastens the body's metabolic rate, which in turn accelerates the speed at which the body burns calories.

3. Dissolves body's fat. As muscles and tissues receive regular massage, fat deposits disintegrate and get easily absorbed by the body for proper elimination.

4. Improves the bulk of muscle vs. fat. Regular massage penetrates the muscle and improves its tone. Toned muscles churn up calories faster, and eliminate fat build-up in the body.

5. Eliminates toxins from the body. Weight loss is hastened by getting rid of toxic buildup caused by the precursors of obesity: excessive consumption of junk food and a lethargic lifestyle. Regular exercise, balanced diet and regular massage tone the body inside and out; fat build-up is minimized, if not at all eliminated.

Massage Therapy combines relaxation and weight loss in a manner that you will not even notice. There are no hunger pangs, no side effects to worry about - just potent combination of good health and good looks. by: Nikki_Roach.