Fat Burning Foods for Women - Angela's Ass Day 49

The horror stories abound, where whole communities of fat cells have literally been wiped out, simply become genetic memory. It seems strange to think back to those lazy years of quiet growth, the steady increases from combined low metabolic output and modest but positive inflation. Then the gastronomic bubble years went boom, and Angela discovered diet planning, and 'fat killing' foods and 'fat torching' diets.
It is horrible to behold, these withered fat societies, one cell pitched against another, desperate for the meagre blood chemistry needed to sustain fat life. The horrible excesses of the years of plenty now haunt the more stricken globular clusters, with protein rich muscles muscling in on otherwise incumbent fat societies, there is a war of attrition on. Today, the asslands are positively withered, back to mid-20's economic tightness. Positively taut, and a disgraceful reflection of what is let's face it, a forty-something ass.
Even the arterial clogging has been compromised! Interfat connections are at record lows and our fantastic bandwidth has been reduced by two whole dress sizes. In just seven weeks! Apparently, she's even being Oogled now.
Studies of the nutrient consumption ergonomic, has revealed a woeful reduction in sugars and salts and saturated fats. Those animal brother lipids have just been cut out from their promised rewards of a long and peaceful expansion into the promised ass land. There are also (unsubstantiated) reports that some long-chain poly-poly amino sacharide mother pussbuckets are masquerading in some margerines and preventing other legitimate lipids from getting into Angela's bloodstream. Margerines which prevent fat absorption! Outrageous.
Those are our life-blood fats! Denied! The reasons for this tragic development are varied, although this excerpt from the world beyond Angela's ass is highly revealing:
Overweight and obesity in particular are critical to understanding the continued development of the human form, and as such are woefully misunderstood in our liberal supposedly knowledgeable society. This is despite the significant effort expended both intellectually and financially in order to 'understand' the growing weight 'problem' in the modern western world.
In some popular national papers, the so-called 'problem' has often been reduced to an ignorantly facetious question: 'Why are there so many whale-fat behemoth humans around all of a sudden?' 
In fact, given the huge and periodic media frenzy associated with overweight and obesity, it would be easy to think that Earth had just been invaded by some ravenous host from the Planet of Lard.

This attention correctly reflects the simple truth that the population is in general getting fatter, but then proceeds to fundamentally misinterpret this essential advancement as a bad thing. Almost without exception, all meaningful research is designed to understand and reverse this trend to fat, and unsurprisingly then, all government advertisements urge the same thing.
These recommendations are of course supported by the increasingly popular observation from within the scientific community that obesity is a disease, and many very respectable scientific journals often describe obese fat cells as being 'sick.'
Sick! Sick! What is this nonsense? Sickness can't be cured simply by going on a 'Diet Plan' or by 'Eating Wisely' or even, shudder at the thought 'Dieting.' No, fat is a natural high; the most developed nation on earth is as fat as a very fat fat thing, and that's fat.
Oh, running around in the bush might sound like a great plan, but when something turns up that wants to eat Angela's ass, then you'll really really wish you were tucking into that 2nd double cheeseburger with fries and a fat sugary fizzy side. The fast food plan, lose that slim ass and don't get bitten by a prairie predator! Makes sense.
Of course, Angela's 20-year old ass tells another story; the fat cells are 3-dimensional but with merely a 1-dimensional view of the universe. Don't listen to them, or the government food meisters. Eat well, and eat healthy.

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Burning Stubborn Chest Fat

Chest fat is an unsightly problem that plagues both men and women. Unfortunately, it is one of the main trouble spots on the body, making it a tough feat to conquer.
No one wants flabby pecs or floppy boobs and, after some patience and work, chest fat will melt off your body.
There's really no one way to target and burn chest fat. Overall, cardio exercise is the best way to achieve success. The problem is, we live in a "fast food" society.
With computer technology, fast food restaurants, instant make-overs, quick fix pills and plastic surgeries, it is hard to accept the fact that some things take time, not to mention dedication.
Chest fat is not something that will disappear over night. The healthiest, and best way, to rid your body of the flab is to stay active and decrease your calorie intake.
There are some specific exercises that can be done to speed up the chest fat burning process. One of the best forms of exercise is walking. Walking has multiple benefits for the body. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not talking about an evening stroll. I am talking about a brisk, sweat inducing power walk for at least twenty minutes on a regular basis.
Another option for decreasing the flab is an aerobic class. Variety is the spice of life! An aerobic class will have your body moving in all different directions. You'll be burning fat in more places than one and might even have a little fun while you're at it! The more variety you put into your work out, the less likely you are to get bored. Changing things up every once in a while is not only a good way to keep you moving, it also keeps your body from getting used to a specific routine. Switching things every couple of weeks makes your body adjust to different work outs and techniques.
Besides cardio and aerobic activity, strength training should be incorporated in order to tone up the muscle mass in your chest while burning the fat. Push ups are the best form of strength training for your chest because they can be done anywhere and don't require any equipment. Push ups will tone up the pectoral muscles along with the upper back and triceps. If you attend the gym or have an at home gym, lat pull down exercises are also great for toning up chest muscles.
No matter what exercises you do to tone up the chest area or what cardio work out you perform, you won't get maximum results without changing your diet! The quickest way to burn chest fat is to incorporate all three aspects of fitness into your life.
First, a calorie reduction in the diet. Cut out some unnecessary items and remember- it's not always the carbs or the fats that are packing on the pounds or keeping pounds on. Calories are in everything- carbs, fats, proteins, etc. Reduce the calories, reduce the body fat.
Second, a regular cardio exercise routine needs to take place. Take up some sports. Try tennis or racquetball, for example. They're great for the upper body. No matter what you decide, remember to do it on a regular basis and change things up a bit so your body doesn't get used to it after a while.
And third, get some strength training in! Pump those arms and tone up the chest!
Incorporate these three things into your daily routine and watch the chest fat melt away! It's a promise! Oh, and one more thing...be patient. It isn't going to happen over night, but it WILL happen!

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Discussing Weight Loss Surgery With a Doctor

By Aloysius Aucoin

Have you been struggling to lose the extra pounds in order to start a healthier lifestyle? Have you found that dieting and exercising have not worked for you? If so, you may want to explore the various forms of weight loss surgery. You may be aware of the many techniques that are currently used by plastic surgeons to reduce the size of stomachs in order to control food intake. If you believe that this operation can help turn your life around, you should consider seeking out a surgeon and have a consultation. What should you discuss during the consultation? These topics can help you find out if the operation will work for you:
Are you qualified for the Operation?
When you're chatting with the doctor about the operation, you'll want to discuss your current condition and any previous medical issues. The doctor will need to determine if your current weight makes you qualified for the operation. Usually people with a BMI over 30 are able to have the operation. You'll also need to discuss any other physical problems. Certain conditions can complicate the ability of the operation to be a success, so make sure you do yourself a favor and disclose your entire medical history. After an extensive questioning process, the surgeon can make the determination if you're able to have the operation.
Which Surgery Should You Get?
If you take the time to do some research online, you'll see that there are many different kinds of weight loss surgery available to patients that qualify for the operation. When you chat with the surgeon, see what operation they recommend. Learn as much as you can about how the surgery will go and what changes you can expect. For example, some operations will remove a portion of the stomach while others may have a band placed around the stomach to limit the intake of food. Take the time to decide which route makes you feel the most comfortable. Different surgeries have different side effects and risks as well, so learn about which avenues are safer to explore.
What Can You Do to Reduce the Risks?
All forms of weight loss surgery are complicated and certainly come with some form of risks and side effects. When you chat with the surgeon, you should talk about the steps you can take before the operation to reduce the chance of something going wrong. You may be asked to refrain from smoking or drinking for a period of time before the operation. Your diet may need to change as well. Make sure you take all of the surgeon's recommendations very seriously, as these life changes can help you ensure that the surgical and recovery process goes off without a major hitch.
Don't forget, the consultation phase is also a way for you to find the right surgeon for the operation. Take the time to talk to more than one doctor about your potential need for the operation. You should make sure you find a doctor that makes you feel comfortable.

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Botox Treatment and Removal of Cellulite

By Ryan English

Cellulite is like a toxin that is created by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. In excess quantity, the toxin might eventually develop into botulism. A person's rear part of a person is a haven for the development of cellulite. Botox treatment for cellulite is very effective for every person suffering from it.
Cellulite cannot be described in a very detailed way. Cellulite cells are fat tissues that are plain and do not have a complicated structure. It is completely different from the body tissues. The body tissues will expand during the course of time. The body tissue adipose has a very complex structure which is hard to break compared to the cellulite. In such cases, botox treatment for cellulite is the best option.
There are a lot of methods that can be used for getting rid of the cellulite tissues present in the body. The problem mainly arises in women compared to men. The most general remedies are lotions, herbal supplements and also through electrical stimulation. These are some of the most popular botox treatment for cellulite. These are also considered to be safe for the human skin. Cellulite is a fat tissue that has simple makeup and so it will get burned up along with fat burning. Many people will have a problem of focusing fat burning in that particular area. The reasons are many like genetic factors and discomfort and difficulty to strain that area. Regular exercise is important to get rid of cellulite cells. This might be difficult for working people. Due to this, other cellulite products are very helpful in reducing cellulite cells.
In the botox treatment for cellulite, signals that transmit through the nerves into the muscle cells will be blocked. The muscle will not contract and this allows relaxation and softening of the affected area. The whole botox treatment for cellulite will take at least a week for full effect. When undergoing the treatment, it is advised not to consume alcohol. Inflammatory medications like aspirin also should be avoided. This will help in avoiding bruising in that particular area. The whole treatment will have an effect for six months and then the muscle action will start functioning properly and steadily. The cellulite particles will be reduced to the minimum with this treatment. Cellulite is not effectively related to weight and so the botox treatment is not any sort of weight training.
More than 90% of women population has cellulite tissues. It may not necessarily cause weight problems but these women will have a fat reserve that may later develop into fat tissues. The botox treatment for cellulite program is mainly focused on mesotherapy and also mesolipolysis.
Side effects of the treatment
The most significant problem of this treatment is body bruising. A person will also start having headaches that exists for up to 48 hours. People may even start developing eyelid drooping. It will occur for 3 weeks. The main cause behind this is the migration of the cellulite cells during the botox treatment for cellulite.

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Yoga for Weight Loss - A Holistic View

There is a lot of interest these days in yoga for weight loss, and in this article I will give a broad view of the various ways in which yoga can be beneficial in a weight loss program.
First of all, many people know yoga as exotic stretches that are performed by fit and beautiful women you look healthy and happy. So while there is a public image of what yoga is, and what it can do, there is also a whole system of yoga that often goes un-noticed. I mention this because if yoga is to be used in a weight loss program, it is helpful to understand the many facets of it that can be useful for losing weight.
In most weight loss programs there is an emphasis on diet and exercise. After all, what we eat, and how we move our bodies, are the physical foundations of good health and trim figures. However, there are other factors that are important in considering as one attempts to lose those excess rolls. (Were those dinner rolls or cinnamon rolls?) Anyway, besides the physical factors of food and exercise, one must also consider the role that the mind and emotions play in having a tubby figure. At the mental-emotional level we can talk about emotional attachments to food, the raw desire for chocolate and sweets, mental fixations on eating, etc.
When we take the time to consider these mental-emotional factors, we find that they are often the root cause of many patterns of obesity. The emotional desire and attachments to food, or the seeking to find fulfillment through food, are more common than most people know, or at least are willing to admit. So while yoga offers much in terms of a physical routine to stretch and activate our muscles, it also offers numerous practices that can assist us in overcoming our mental-emotional attachments to food.
As for hatha yoga (stretching) one thing that makes it a viable routine for weight loss, is that it has a special ability to make us more aware of the mind-body connection. When the mind and body are united through awareness exercises a deep state of peace and relaxation can be found. And this is what yoga is ultimately pointing towards. Inner peace and contentment. If one has a deep and profound connection with their innermost being joy, peace, and fulfillment are natural outcomes. Yoga also teaches that through awareness, conscious breathing, and meditation anyone can tap into the deep reservoir of unconditioned happiness.
By rediscovering the natural state of inner happiness, which does not depend on external stimulation, one will not be so inclined to seek fulfillment through food. On the contrary, through yoga and meditation one can discover the real source of joy.
Since yoga has the capacity to energize and vitalize our muscles, de-condition our minds from ill patterns, and assist us in remembering our natural state of joy and peace, it offers much to those seeking to lose weight from a holistic perspective.

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The Role of Antioxidants in Weight Loss

You probably know which foods stick to your hips like paper to glue, if you merely eyeball them from across the room. But do you know which foods will actually help you to lose weight and regenerate your overall health? One word: Antioxidants.
Antioxidants are a compound substance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This substance inhibits [by slowing or preventing] the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a natural reactionary process, and in mammals, causes chronic or permanent damage by reducing electrons until expiration of the mammal. Oxidation promotes free radicals. Free radicals are atoms and molecules containing unpaired electrons, and are highly reactive. Free radicals are dangerous, as they float through the body, stealing the missing electron from other sources. If the source of the electron is a healthy cell, the cell can mutate. Free radicals are what cause aging, cancer and neurodegeneration. Antioxidants target, attack and rid the human body of free radicals, and improve or heighten metabolism and overall general health. Antioxidants contain an extra electron and provide free radicals with the absent electron, thereby neutralizing free radicals.
The brain indeed regulates free radicals and thus, is a key factor in appetite. The human brain utilizes fat as fuel within its appetite center, using oxygen free radicals as its primary source. This suggests that antioxidants could very well play a major role in weight control and appetite suppression. However, the window period of introducing antioxidants into the body is critical to its potency as an appetite suppressant and vital regenerative nutrients. Antioxidants processed before the stomach is 60% full, may lead to and increase of appetite.
Recent studies indicate that, once a body has achieved a state of satiety after eating, the body may be subjecting itself to an onslaught of free radicals which are most formed when brain cells promoting satiety are most active. This production of free radicals cause the decrease of one's maximum lifespan. The constant control of appetite is regulated by free radicals and, perhaps, if interfered with, might affect appetite control and sation.
Although free radicals are produced within our bodies, due to physical activities (such as exercise) and when our immune system is fighting a virus, we are exposed to various sources of free radicals by many different ways. Ultra-violent rays from the sun, ozone, X-rays or artificial light are all contributing factors to exposure. Mainly, though, it is what we consume that is most damaging. Saturated fats, cigarette smoke, alcohol or the air's pollutants and chemicals are the daily exposures to free radicals.
During weight-loss, oxidation occurs at an extraordinary rate. This is because when one is losing the stored fat, your body is then releasing the toxins stored in the fat. Once this occurs, your liver must work overtime in order to purify the system. Although your body naturally produces antioxidants, it is often an inadequate amount to combat the amount of free radicals ravaging healthy cells. Luckily, antioxidants can be obtained via supplements and food.
Not only do antioxidants terminate free radicals, but also boost your metabolism. Your metabolism is accelerated, due to the antioxidants optimizing your total health and longevity. With a healthy immune system in tact, your metabolism will accelerate. An heightened metabolism allows your body to burn more calories during the course of the day. Antioxidants provide your body an optimal support system of nutrients, which will enable your body to be energized and burn stored fat more successfully throughout the duration of the day and even during the night, when your body is burning the least amount of calories due to sleep-state.
Antioxidants are easily obtained through various foods containing antioxidants in its natural state. You don't need to spend a fortune on some powder containing an ultimate dose of antioxidants. Rather, all you need do is eat a variety of foods which are powerhouses of antioxidants. And these variety of foods just so happened to be absolutely delicious!
Berries are nature's candy - and loaded in antioxidants. Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries - You name it, they're packed full of antioxidants. Also, currents, prunes and raisins! Many nuts and seeds also contain antioxidants and have that satisfying crunch that we so crave. Don't forget unsweetened cocoa! If you are having a sweet-tooth fix, then be sure it is a chocolately-good treat packed with antioxidants. When you aren't eating berries, nuts and seeds (and yummy chocolate), you might want to drink from the fountain of youth: Green Tea! Yes, even green tea is loaded in antioxidants. White tea, as well. In all foods you choose, look for keywords such as Flavonoid, Polyphenols, EGCG, Catechin, and Phytonutrient. These words indicate a high content of antioxidants.
Generously supplying your body with foods rich in antioxidants will not only benefit your cravings for mouth-watering dishes, but will also impact your metabolism to an extraordinary degree and help you fight fat, aging and illness!

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Does Sugar Content Affect My Drinking Wine And Weight Loss?

Two of my favorite things are wine and weight loss. And I don't want to give up one for the other. It's like trying to choose what daughter you would keep. An impossible decision. So I am trying to narrow it down to how the sugar content is affecting my drinking wine and weight loss. That seems to be an easier approach.
In fact, I just went and grabbed a nice red Merlot glass of wine by Robert Mondavi. And if I was dieting I would add an equal portion of a diet tonic water to it so I could extend the volume for no additional calories. See - I told you it was my 2 favorite subjects. I totally believe in balancing things out in my life, and especially for the finer things, such as enjoying a glass of wine. Otherwise, what's the point?
The amount of calories in a 5 ounce glass of white or red wine is approximately 118 - 130. That is certainly a manageable number in almost anyone's daily food intake. The amount of sugar in a 5 ounce glass of wine varies. A dry wine will average about 2 grams of sugar per liter of wine, which is not much at all.
Sweeter wines will have more sugar per liter. A medium-dry Riesling may have 10g of sugar per liter, which is 1.5g per glass. On average, a bottle of wine that's 12% alcohol by volume results in 99.4 calories from alcohol and 4.5 calories from sugar.
Balance is so important in developing good lifestyle habits. Fitting in the occasional glass of wine, or a slice of chocolate cheese is imperative to satisfying the soul, not just the taste buds. Being prepared for the unexpected and having a plan b ready is the key to keeping a balance. And that runs true whether it's for your eating habits, sugar content, or anything else.
It's not just the sugar content of that one glass of wine that is important. It is the overall big picture of your life that counts. Is it balanced? You and I both need to feel that we are worthy and not to be deprived of them.
Have you ever watched the weight loss show The Biggest Loser? Whenever Bob pulls them aside and has that one on one talk with them, you discover that their self esteem has been in the tank. The reasons are different but the results are the same.

Does Alcohol Cause Weight Gain

The intake of alcohol whether just over dinner, with friends at the local pub or at a social function, or even while just relaxing alone, has become a part of the lifestyle of many individuals. But is alcohol really that bad and more importantly, does it really make people to become fat?
While there might be some divergent views on this, scientifically it is has been severally demonstrated that "moderate" alcohol consumption does actually offer some health benefits, nevertheless, its excessive intake also has the ability to make people fat.
To begin with, some of the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption actually comes from the alcohol itself as it helps to lower blood pressure and stress levels. Also the constituent ingredients of alcoholic drinks such as wine, especially the polyphenols in red wine, have antioxidant properties by themselves.
Other benefits of moderate alcohol consumption include its anti-clotting properties which provide some protective effect against heart attacks. Also, modest alcohol intake helps to increase the levels of HDL "good" cholesterol while lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol levels.
Pure alcohol in and of itself is high in calories as it contains about 7 calories per gram. It is therefore only slightly lower than fat which has 9 calories per gram but almost twice the amount of calories in both carbohydrates and proteins which have about 4 calories per gram each.
Although these values may seem small, it is helpful remembering that one beer (340ml) is equivalent to 12 ounces and this yields about 84KCal. Also, while one day of excessive calorie intake may not be too alarming, the cumulative amount over time should however become a source of worry as this can lead to excessive fat storage in the body.
With that said, how exactly then does alcohol consumption interfere with an individual's weight loss efforts? The simple fact is that upon consumption, alcohol virtually slows or put more appropriately, stalls the metabolism of fat by the body.
This stalling of the body's fat metabolism is occasioned by the fact that the body cannot store alcohol and therefore must have to burn it off as energy in order to rid it from the body. The body achieves this by converting some of the ingested alcohol to fat but majority of it to acetate which is then released into the bloodstream. The body then automatically switches to the acetate as its primary source of energy fuel.
There are actually studies which indicate that the body's metabolism can be reduced by as much as 73% for several hours after just two drinks. Some other research studies have observed that while a few drinks can stall fat loss for a few hours, excess intake of alcohol can however stall it for as long as four days.
While the acetate replaces fat metabolism, the body therefore has the propensity to store the fat derived from any subsequent food intake due to the fact that it is already getting its energy fuel from the acetate gotten from the alcohol you just drank.
Furthermore, some studies have found that people are more likely to eat as much as 200 calories or more without knowing it when they have a drink before or during a meal. This is due to the fact that alcohol dehydrates the body, which in turn makes you start feeling hungry and thus more likely to engage in overeating.
There are equally other important weight loss components that alcohol consumption interferes with such as muscle mass. The dehydrating effect of alcohol makes muscle development difficult as the body needs to be well-hydrated to build muscles. This is an important consideration because the more lean muscle mass you have the greater your BMR and thus your fat burning capability.
Similarly, alcohol raises the level of cortisol (a muscle-wasting hormone) and reduces the production of testosterone for about 24 hours. Alcohol equally retards muscle recovery while also reducing protein synthesis which generally makes you feel lethargic.
Alcohol is further known to cause an increase in the level of the female hormone - estrogen. Estrogen increase in men usually causes fat deposition around the abdomen and the development of "man boobs." In women this often results in irregular menstrual cycles and cycles without ovulation. Increased alcohol consumption has also been linked with an increased risk of breast cancer in women.
However, while it is crystal clear that excessive alcohol consumption does actually cause weight gain, it might be very difficult for a lot of people to totally quit making use of it. Therefore it is highly advised to make better beverage choices and more importantly to drink in moderation if you are at all serious about losing weight.

Weight Loss That Works for Men

At it's heart, weight loss is quite simply eating less calories than we use. But, being human, that's way too easy for us to understand so we seek to complicate things. Whether that's by excluding certain items (sugar, fat, carbs, whatever), eating certain things on certain days, etc.
And being male we tend to like the slightly complicated rules of some diet plans because they seem to help us feel more in control of our ever bulging bellies.
So, what weight loss plans work for men? And why would they be different from weight loss plans for women?
Answering the second question first, there's no real difference apart from men can get away with eating a few more calories than women and still lose weight. Other than that, it's down to what's on the plate.
At their most basic, any weight loss plan will work for men. But some seem to work better than others.
If you're in any doubt, obviously you should have a chat with your doctor before implementing a diet or an exercise plan. That makes sense, even if you haven't quite got round to having that chat yet (but you will, won't you?!)
I'm old enough to remember the adverts here in the UK that said if you could pinch an inch of flesh you were probably overweight. And - despite having lost quite a bit of weight - I can certainly still pinch an inch or two.
But I'm getting there. I'm noticeably slimmer than I was a year ago and I've dropped from 38" waist to 34" and will soon be in 32". Which means that whatever is working for me could easily work for you.
Start by getting back in the kitchen.
If you're at work during the day, stock up the fridge and freezer. And batch cook, freezing down the remaining portions (remembering to label them). Then thaw a portion in the fridge during the day so it's ready to cook at night.
Rice takes between about 10 and 12 minutes to cook from boiling and a 50 gram portion is actually quite a good size, especially if you use Basmati rice which seems to "fluff up" bigger than other rice, which is part of the eating your food with your eyes side of things.
Pasta is another quick staple. Again, 9 or 10 minutes to cook from boiling.
Make sure you have variety. Don't just eat chilli or whatever every day because you've made a pot for the week. Vary the meat you use (assuming you're a carnivore) and use fish in the rota of foods you eat as well.
If you can, don't have the same main meat or fish twice in a row. This gives your body some help in various ways and also means if you don't totally get on with that particular food, your body can cope anyway.
The same goes for the vegetables. Don't just have peas or whatever with every meal!
Fruit is helpful but not essential, despite what the five-a-day advice says. Think about it: our cave men ancestors would only have eaten fruit in season and they lived fine on that kind of diet.
Apart from that, weigh yourself daily. And keep a note of it - I use a spreadsheet. Ideally, boast about your weight loss to your friends. Then they'll help you keep on track when you stray occasionally.

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Ayurveda for Weight Loss: The Traditional Medicine

By Shweta Oberoi
Ayurveda for weight loss is a tradition in the Indian subcontinent, every household knows and uses several ayurvedic remedies for losing excess fat. In the recent years the western world also has become aware of how effective ayurveda for weight loss. Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine, it's a way of life in the Indian subcontinent. It just doesn't prescribe medicines for treating various diseases, it also tells how to lead a healthy lifestyle, what to eat and what not to eat etc.
Household ayurvedic remedies
People use several household remedies,passed on by one generation to the next, to get rid of excess fat that have been found effective and cause no health risks. These remedies are cheap and can be prepared and used conveniently as the ingredients are articles of everyday use and readily available.
Some of these remedies are:
Lemon juice and honey:
Mixture of four tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon honey, with or without a little quantity of black pepper, taken regularly on empty stomach with warm water helps you lose weight. It has no side effects.
Pepper and Ginger:
Mixture of powdered long pepper, black pepper and dried ginger root in equal quantities taken with lukewarm water twice a day is effective in weight loss.
Mint and honey:
Mixture of honey and black pepper taken with cooled boiled mint water is also considered to help you lose fat.
Cabbage is very effective in burning body fat. It can be taken in any form, raw, boiled or cooked. Consumption of one bowl of cabbage everyday helps reduce weight.
Herbs for treating obesity:
However, ayurveda for weight loss is not just about home remedies, ancient ayurvedic scriptures like Charaksamhita and Shushrutasamhita have described several herbs for treating obesity, which have been used with great effect by the practitioners of this system of medicine.
Nagarmotha (CyperusRotundus):
Nagarmotha is a very popular and effective herb found and known by different names all over the Indian subcontinent. It's considered the best natural ama-pachak, or the corrective and remover of endo-toxins. It has a Lipolytic action to mobilize fats from the Adipose tissues, thus helping reduce weight.
Kali Mirchi (Piper Nigrum):
Kali Mirchi, or black pepper, is so effective and common, it's found in kitchens the world over. It's carminative, stimulant, digestive, diuretic, aromatic, tonic, and anti-coagulating agent.It is a good resolvent and helps alienating fat from the body.
Triphala, literally meaning mixture of three different fruits in Sanskrit, is regarded very highly. It's a mixture of TerminaliaChebula, TerminaliaBellirica, and PhyllanthusEmbelica. It's ideally absorbed by the body to seek out and destroy the harmful free radicals and toxins that cause a number of problems. It's considered the gentlest, yet most effective laxative. It is rich in antioxidants that boost metabolism and speed up fat burning.
Several other herbs like Baibidang and Tagaretc have also been described by the ancient scriptures as effective in treating obesity.
Obesity may cause several life-threatening and debilitating diseases, but the modern day strenuous lifestyle doesn't often allow enough time to spend hours exercising in a gym or running on lonely roads. Experience has shown that weight loss pills do more harm than good, so it's best if one can find natural ways to lose fat and stay in shape.
Ayurveda for Weight Loss is a purely natural mixture of herbs, the secret of which lies in ancient Ayurveda. Dr Tea, the ultimate Weight loss tea, speeds up the body's metabolism and helps burn calories at a faster rate.

Sex and Diet - What is the Connection Between Sex and Weight Loss?

When you ask people why they want to lose weight, the most common answer you hear is that they want to look better. Even though being overweight can have serious consequences in terms of your general health, it takes second place to the universal need to be sexually attractive.
In today's society, being overweight is considered unsexy to say the least. You only need to turn on the TV or open a magazine to see who today's celebrities and stars are. To see how they look and what is their physical condition. In the great majority of cases, you will see a thin person. Be you man or woman, being overweight is unattractive. For every pound you shed, you become more sexually appealing.
So the first connection between sex and diet is that by going on a successful diet, you will simply have more sex. Not only that, but the more weight you lose the more attractive you will become and the more attractive your sex partners will become. So you will not only have more sex, you will also have it with better looking partners, making it double the fun.
But that's not the only connection between sex and diet. It is also a fact that the more weight you lose, the more enjoyable sex will become for you. This isn't just a physical thing, it's also an emotional one. Being thinner will make you more comfortable with your body. The more comfortable you are with your body, the more comfortable you will be in intimate, sexual, situations.
Physically, thinner people enjoy sex better than overweight people. Their sexual senses are just more attuned to the sexual stimuli which they receive. So being on a diet will also increase your sexual pleasure.
So sex and diet have a 3 level connection:
1. Losing weight will make you more sexually appealing
2. Losing weight means that you will most likely have more sex with better looking people
3. You will enjoy sex that much more

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