How To Make A Top Weight Loss Programs For Healthy Diet

By Cristopher Brazer

Sometimes when we decided to start a top weight loss programs to get in shape and being young, you don't know what to do and where we have to start, the question is not no top weight loss programs or greater find the information about how to lose weight but lost in an alley with different directions.

So you need to find someone with the experience to help us find the path that is top weight loss programs.the saying goes "you are what you eat" :
So that what we eat is necessary and the composentes of our daily food  is crucial for a top weight loss programs.
Bring good food and good variety should be a daily habit, not only for to lose weight.
The need for the human body to stay stong and healthy menirales and vitamins, as it needs a daily intake of:

Vitamins and minerals help us to find the energy and fight against stress especially vitamin C, vitamin B family: B1, B2, B6, B12 and E, D.
Menirales: zinc, phosphorus, calciume, potasume, iron, magnisum, Crome
Vitamins and minerals is to take naturelment preferably by consuming a fruit than taking a vitaminer suplement.
Vitamin C: kiwi, orange, strawberry, pastique ...
Vitamin B group: wheat, yellow or brown rice, bran, milk, cheese ..
Vitamin E: olive oil, argon, butter ..
Vitamin D: cod liver oil, tuna, saumom

The protienes: White meat - chicken - fish - Red meat
Carbohydrates: there are slow carbohydrates: rice-wheat pasta and fast carbohydrates: sugar chocolate honey dates..
lepides: olive oil - oil Argon - butter..

The human body needs calories to provide the number of physical activities during the day and the number of calories is diferent frome one persone to another woman or a man.
A man with a medium level needed between 1700 and 2000 calories a day
A wonan with the average activity needs between 1200 and 1700 calories a day
If the person consumes fewer calories needed in a day will be thin but if he consume more than that it needs, it starts to become fat.

We must remember that:
1g protienes = 4 calories
1g carbohydrate = 4 calories
1g lepides = 9 calories
That's why we need to reduce consomation lepides during their top weight loss programs because lepides always gives more calories and it takes double duration of exercise to be burned.
human body Need :
30% protein
60% carbohydrates
10% lepides

Top weight loss programs rich in protein based, even if it produces results, but there is no long-term results.The ideal diet should be balanced and diverse.
the need of the human body between 1g to 2g of protein per kilogram, if an adult who weighs 70 kg need a 70g to 140g  of protein per day.

We must remember also that the slow carbohydrates are preferable as fast carbohydrates because it gives more energy and keep blood sugar stable However,fast carbohydrates  if they are not burns to almost 30 min or 45 min on their consomation body stock them as fat .
brisk walking or joging is the king of sports activity which helps to lose weight with the condition scope 20min why 20min? because body burns stores of carbohydrates and begins to burn stored fat.

We must remember that during physical activity  human body begain on burning carbs and after 20min   lepides start burning and when body start burning protiens, we call this stadium  catabolism.
For top weight loss programs we need a healthy diet:
lean meat + vegetables + fruit,don t forget physical activity that rech 20 min twice a day.

Advices for a success top weight loss programs
-Its smarth and efectivlty to have 5 small meals a day than 3 big meals
-Eat when you fell hungry not following emotions (happy or sad ..)
-Drink 1.5L to 2L of water per day and more us you sweat.
-Stomach is a  part of the body, think filling  only a 1/3 part
-Dinner done later, make you fat
-Let your breakfast be a king one, lunch a prince one but dinner a poor  one
-Prepare your meals by your self than you can see what you eat and how much
-Decrease the consomation of salt for top weight loss programs
-Sugar free in a top weight loss programs.

Useful foods tools:

Exercise and calories depense

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